Bread of Life Ministries of Albion

Jesus is the Bread of Life

Meet the Pastor & Co-Pastor

Words from the Pastor & Co-Pastor:

We had been in church for years, but had not grown into the knowledge of the kingdom. Co-Pastor and I had a strong desire and call to liberate God's people through and in the liberty that is within Christ Jesus.

Our belief about the kingdom is that the kingdom is God's rule, reign and authority. Jesus opened up the Kingdomof God to the world. So, that we could precieve and understand it.

The church is supposed to be built on the revelation knowledge received from reading the word and desiring what the spirit is saying about the kingdom to the church.

We at BOLM of Albion know that the church is not the building; the people are the church in whom God commanded us to build up in the things of God. We know that man did not fall from religion, but relationship with God.

We understand that we are created in his image, but we are corrupted by the nature of the flesh. Jesus walked among us uncorrupted by the things of this word and we are to imitate ourselves after him; who reviled the kingdom to us, the uncorruptable seed of God (Jesus Christ).

Our desire at Bread of Life Ministries of Albion is to libert man from his or her corrupt nature.